ALAV hold stakeholder day with visit to Ärebo elderly housing

Figures on how much savings have been made were presented and a picture of future savings estimated by energy manager, Magnus Nordenmark.

SECURE project partner, the Association of Local Authorities in Västernorrland (ALAV) in Sweden, held a stakeholder's day recently, on January 24th. The participants made a study visit to the elderly housing Ärebo. That is where ALAV makes the biggest effort in order to reduce energy use for the SECURE project.

Magnus Nordenmark, energy manager at the municipal housing company Solatum, who owns the building, showed the visitors around and explained what has been done up to now. The group also received a review of the efforts planned for the remaining time of the project. As most participants are energy advisors in the county's municipalities, interesting discussions and ideas evolved. Magnus showed figures on how much savings have already been made and gave a picture of future estimated savings. Findings showed that once Solatum replaced old engine heaters with new ones in other buildings, it resulted in significant energy savings. Now they hope that the same good results will be displayed at Ärebo.

Currently, there are three local pilot projects in progress. These are:

  • At Ärebo retirement home, 20 engine heaters will be replaced by more modern ones
  • The outdoor and the indoor lightning at Ärebo will be replaced with LEDs
  • The existing electric boiler at the retirement home Vallänge will be replaced with a heat pump