Bioeconomy and circular economy workshop

Our project partners in Finland have organised an event for Oil-Free North Karelia Roadmap.

SECURE project partners in North Karelia (Finland) have arranged, in cooperation with a few other projects, a bioeconomy and circular economy workshop for Oil-Free North Karelia Roadmap. The workshop has been held on StoraEnso EnoCell pulp mill in Uimaharju, Joensuu.

Circular economy expert Mr. Heikki Sorasahi from Sitra was sparring the workshop today and will also be the key speaker for the seminar tomorrow.

The Roadmap towards fossil oil-free and low-carbon North Karelia is designed in collaboration with several EU projects like the following ones: SECURE, Tentacle, EMMA, Bio4ECO, CIRCWASTE and North Karelia Towards Fossil Oil-Free and Low-Carbon Area. It is remarkable that the involved projects are in continuous discussion with stakeholders and citizens to develop an oil-free region. 



The Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra is a future-oriented organisation that promotes Finland's competitiveness and the well-being of the Finnish people. They anticipate societal change, try out new operating models and accelerate business activities aimed at creating sustainable well-being. Their specialties are: venture capital, societal development, think tank, and innovation.