Derry & Strabane supporting Energy Savings Week

Energy Savings Week, 30th Oct–5th Nov 2017, aims to encourage the reduction of energy use in the home and the workplace.

The Energy Savings Trust estimates that organisations, businesses and families in Northern Ireland could save hundreds of pounds per year by making simple changes to the way they use energy.

Energy Manager at Derry City and Strabane District Council, Leo Strawbridge said: “Taking action to save energy doesn’t just benefit us in the long-term by contributing towards greener, more environmentally sustainable communities – it also saves organisations, businesses and families’ money now”.

Below are some of the energy-saving tips sent out to all council staff and councillors highlighting energy efficiency measures for Energy Saving Week which included the SECURE project Logo:

  • Draught-proof your home (e.g. insulating an unused chimney)
  • Insulate your pipes (reduces heat loss from system and prevents pipes bursting in cold weather)
  • Upgrade heating controls (could save you up to £100 per year if you currently don’t have any)
  • Replace an old G-rated oil boiler with a new A-rated oil boiler
  • Top-up your hot water cylinder insulation
  • Top-up your loft insulation
  • Insulate your walls
  • Avoid standby and turn off devices when not in use
  • Turn off your lights when you don't need them
  • Line-dry clothes
  • Choose a television with a higher energy efficiency rating
  • Replace a 10-year-old fridge-freezer with a new model (choosing an A+++ fridge freezer over an A+ model will save you around £13 in energy bills)
  • Choose an A+++ tumble dryer over a B-rated one (could save you around £39 off your annual energy bill).

“Reducing energy usage in the home and the workplace is the ideal way of both saving money and helping the environment – and that is why the Council are pleased to support this important campaign”, says Leo Strawbridge.

More Information is available through Energy Saving Trust’s partner organisation, Bryson Energy, by clicking the following link: