Disseminating good practices to Green Schools Nova Scotia

Ecology Action Centre delivered a fruitful presentation about the ways that Nova Scotia is leading in some energy and environmental policies.

This September, the SECURE project partner Emma Louise Norton from Ecology Action Centre in Nova Scotia (Canada), has presented some smart energy practices to ‘Green Schools Nova Scotia’, a free programme to enhance environmental sustainability in schools by supporting students, teachers, and the larger school community as they learn to waste less and become more energy efficient.

The Ecology Action Centre's Energy Action Team is continuously inspiring Nova Scotians to prosper in a future that is free of fossil fuels, where energy is used as efficiently as possible. Through education, consultation and advocacy with the public and government, the energy action team is working for a transition to smarter energy practices and a low-carbon economy.

In order to make that transition, Emma Louise Norton from Ecology Action Centre said “we need to celebrate where we are doing well. It is particularly important to get community buy-in for some of the major components like renewable energy generation and energy efficiency. When we know what we have done well, we can build on that experience and success”.

On the day, Emma communicated projects that Ecology Action Centre is active on, including their partnership on the SECURE project. She discussed Ecology Action Centre’s role on the project and how as a higher maturity region, Nova Scotia will transfer best practices to help SECURE achieve its outputs and objectives. She went on further to explain how Nova Scotia aims to have one of the cleanest and most sustainable environments in the world by 2020.

When asked what else should SECURE do to achieve smarter energy communities? She responded: “that’s a big question! I’d love to see even more communication amongst the partners so that we can better support each other and share lessons. The objective of SECURE is to share smart energy practices so the more sharing, the better!”

Ecology Action Centre delivered a fruitful presentation to the Green Schools Team learning how Nova Scotia is leading Canada and even North America or the world in some energy and environmental policy.