ERNACT, leading SECURE for smarter energy communities

ERNACT, lead partner in the project has implemented 33 transnational cooperation projects across 150 regions

The lead partner in the SECURE project, ERNACT, is an international network of European regional and city public authorities that work together to access European Union digital technology programmes and funding for the benefit of their areas, companies and universities.

ERNACT implement innovative digital-age projects to improve their member regions’ digital needs. They also capture opportunities by designing cooperative projects and initiatives (with support from the European Union) that recognise the global and interconnected nature of today’s digital world. The SECURE project is a good example of one of the projects that ERNACT implement.

“Leading the SECURE project is an absolute privilege. I get to work with really interesting and dynamic people from other European regions and Atlantic Canada everyday”, says Caitriona Strain SECURE Project Leader and Project Manager at ERNACT.

ERNACT has already involved 150 regions in 33 transnational cooperation projects, with a €60 million total budget. To read more on the ERNACT/SECURE partnership visit the ERNACT website.