HomeWarming offers free energy assessments to eligible Nova Scotians

HomeWarming is a program that provides energy-saving home upgrades to income-qualified homeowners at no cost.

HomeWarming helps Nova Scotians save money on heating bills, feel more comfortable year-round, and could even reduce their carbon footprint. It’s a rare win-win-win.

Clean Foundation and Efficiency Nova Scotia are working together to offer low-income homeowners free energy efficiency improvements that can help them feel more comfortable while reducing heating and power bills. These upgrades are provided at no cost to qualifying homeowners thanks to the generous support of Nova Scotia Power and the Government of Nova Scotia.

Clean works on the electrically heated homes while Efficiency Nova Scotia looks after non-electrically heated homes.

A typical house can lose up to 80 percent of its heat through the walls, floors and roof. Upgrades like improving insulation and draft-proofing can help keep a home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. And since heating and cooling makes up around 60 percent of energy costs, reducing these bills can make other household expenses more manageable.

Interested homeowners can speak confidentially with a Service Advisor before their assessment.

This program capitalizes on the benefits of energy efficiency that are financial and social. Far too many people live in energy poverty- struggling to pay their bills. This program enables a conversation about energy affordability – rather than lowering energy rates, lowering the kWh used can truly reduce the cost of energy. Further, a more energy efficient home is a more comfortable home. This program also has some in depth data to better understand the paybacks of energy retrofits.

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More information at: homewarming.ca