Learning how to build a profitable plant for producing biogas

Project partner, the Association of Local Authorities in Västernorrland (Sweden), held a stakeholder’s day in the solar energy field.

A stakeholder's day was held by ALAV in Sweden on May 8th. Participants first made a study visit to an advanced biogas plant in Härnösand. In the afternoon, they received information about SECURE project and news was also presented in the solar energy field. Most participants were energy advisors from all municipalities in the region.


About the biogas plant

This biogas plant in the municipality of Härnösand is unique in its kind thanks to the choice of technology and small scale. The visit was to learn how they have built a small but profitable plant for producing biogas.

The purpose of the plant is to produce biogas from food waste. The project includes reception and pretreatment of food waste and sludge, dry-cleaning and gas upgrading, compression and flak-tapping.

The purpose is local gas disposal to avoid long journeys, i.e. the gas produced in the new plant is consumed locally. This makes the environmental benefit even bigger.

Up to 6,000 tonnes of food waste is handled in the digestion process. The production amounts to more than 300,000 standard cubic meters (Nm3) of vehicle gas per year. The energy content of a Nm3 vehicle gas is equal to one litre of diesel, so the plant contributes to the environment equivalent to 300,000 litres of diesel.