Leitrim County Council & Global Green Sustainability: a report to improve buildings

Leitrim County Council and Global Green Sustainability worked on a report to improve buildings of the area and make them more sustainable.

Leitrim County Council and Global Green Sustainability have been working on a report on some buildings of the Leitrim area to identify the changes and improvements that could be made in order to bring more sustainability and energy efficiency.

In a preliminary report, an analysis of the inventory, surveys & technical studies, preliminary designs & recommendations and cost estimates for energy efficiency opportunities in some buildings has been completed. These buildings include: Aura Leisure Centre, Ballinamore Library, Carrick Fire Station, Drumshanbo Fire Station, Drumshanbo Library, Leitrim CoCo Offices, Old Barrel Store, Manorhamilition Fire Station, Manorhamilition Library, Mohill Library, Mohill Fire Station, The Dock and The Town Hall.

From an analysis of the findings, the following 3 projects would be recommended to be completed in the short term. The following 3 short term projects has been selected on the basis of providing the best return on investment:

The project that would be the best following these basis, would be The Dock Arts Centre. The destratification fans, the door curtain and the lightning changes made in the building would mean saving up to %44,85 each year.

The changes of the storage heaters, the door curtain and the lightning made in Manorhamilton Library could bring annual savings of %30,83.

Finally, the improvements made in Ballinamore Library’s lighting and door curtain could provide annual savings of %28,97 per year. Some of the improvements of these buildings have already been made, as it can be seen in the pictures: