Municipal Climate Change Action Plans

The Municipal Climate Change Action Plans (MCCAP) are an amendment to the Integrated Community Sustainability Plans (ICSP).

The ICSP’s were developed by all of Nova Scotia’s fifty-four municipalities. They were a reporting requirement of the Municipal Funding Agreement (MFA) between the province and municipalities. This agreement allows the transfer of Federal Gas Tax funds to municipalities for environmentally sustainable infrastructure projects.

The Municipal Climate Change Action Plans have two parts: adaptation and mitigation. The adaptation aspect involved identifying the impacts of climate change on the municipality, then the affected locations, facilities and infrastructure. Then, based on social, economic, and environmental consideration, the municipality identified priorities for action. Regarding climate change mitigation, the municipalities were asked to collect energy and emissions information, then complete an inventory with this data, and with this information set goals and identify mitigation actions.

This is a model to ensure that municipalities have a plan to adapt to the changing energy landscape and climate. The MCCAPs have highlighted the role that addressing climate change plays in municipal and regional economic development. Since the submission of the MCCAPs, municipalities have been integrating their priorities for adaptation into municipal policies and operations. In addition, MCCAPs are informing how municipal assets are managed. The MCCAPs have generated an internal dialog within the municipalities, in which climate and weather factor into local decision making.

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