Network on Climate and Energy Measures: Västernorrland

Municipalities in Västernorrland (Sweden) have collaborated in several regional projects to create a more sustainable county.

All municipalities were early members of the Swedish eco- municipalities. In the latest project, “Sustainable Future in Västernorrland”, five of the county’s municipalities and the county council worked together.

Through the framework of the project, “Sustainable Council in Västernorrland” was formed by two politicians from each municipality and the county council respectively. Now the council wants to increase efforts in the energy and climate change through various learning processes in the form of seminars, work-shops and an active exchange within the county and with other actors in Sweden.

The focus is in the immediate period focused on carbon offset, sustainable procurement and public climate days to highlight climate measures within and outside the county. There will be regular meetings, at least four per year featuring invited lecturers who have expertise in the different areas of specialization. Sustainable leadership is a key factor in a conversion to a fossil-free society. Many of the solutions are better to do at regional level such as transport and energy system. Learning new technologies also goes faster with more experiences.

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