SECURE partner from ALAV participated at the Sollefteå market

Visitors had an opportunity to test a special bike that shows the amount of power it takes to light a halogen lamp in comparison to a LED lamp.

The SECURE NPA team from the Association of Local Authorities in Västernorrland (ALAV) in Sweden, participated at a recent Sollefteå market.

Around 10,000 people visited the market and many of them took away information about the efforts made to the energy-efficient retirement home, Ärebo, which is the main object that ALAV works with in the SECURE project. The house owner of Ärebo is the public housing company Solatum.

ALAV gave visitors the opportunity to test out electric bikes with a specially designed bike that could demonstrate the amount of power required to switch on a halogen lamp in comparison to a LED lamp. To light the old lamp, visitors had to work really hard while it was much easier to light the LED lamp.

The team at Sollefteå Market consisted of ALAV staff, representatives from Solatum, Energy and Climate Advisory from Sollefteå municipality and the project group from Ärebo.