SECURE Swedish partner holds fifth stakeholder meeting

ALAV held a very successful meeting recently with many questions and conversations around the topic of energy efficiency.

Sollefteå municipality has together with the public housing company, Solatum, decided on an energy efficiency strategy that will reduce energy use by 20% over the period 2010-2020.

Solatum tries in several ways to work with these challenges. By being a partner of The Association of Local Authorities in Västernorrland (ALAV) in the SECURE project, the company can achieve the goals more easily. A group of employees actively works with energy saving issues. They work extra intensively with the habits of the staff in their everyday work at the retirement home Ärebo. By discussing daily routines and education in how to use energy consuming equipment, they have reduced energy consumption and achieved lower operating costs.

On Thursday, December 7, the staff at Ärebo received information about several energy saving actions that continue at Ärebo. Everyone got an insight into what it looks like in the other regions by reading about and discussing SECURE's good examples. They also received information about the future work of the SECURE project, which includes three local pilot projects. These are:

  • At Ärebo retirement home, 20 engine heaters will be replaced by more modern ones
  • The outdoor and the indoor lightning at Ärebo will be replaced with LEDs
  • The existing electric boiler at the retirement home Vallänge will be replaced with a heat pump