Sharing knowledge about energy efficiency & alternative energy solutions

Derry City & Strabane District Council (Northern Ireland, UK) has held the successful seminar.

Another event has taken place under the SECURE project. Leo Strawbridge, Energy Manager at Derry City & Strabane District Council and project partner in SECURE, has organised the 'Energy Efficiency and Alternative Energy Solutions Seminar'. 

The event has been divided in two main areas: energy efficiency and alternative energy solutions.

During the first part, the attendants got the opportunity to learn more from three excellent speakers. To open the conference, Paul Wallace Development Manager at National Energy Action brought the topic of energy efficiency in homes. After him, Laurence Arbuckle from Bryson Energy spoke about the 'Whole House Solution'. To finish with this area, the audience got the chance to discover different benefits of energy switching with Mark Crawford, Senior Policy Officer at The Consumer Council for Northern Ireland.

The second part of the seminar has focused on alternative energy solutions. In that way, three key speakers shared their knowledge in this area. First of all, Michael Doran, Managing Director at Action Renewables, shared information about existing renewable energy initiatives. Apart from that, Phil Brennan from APSE Energy, Association for Public Service Excellence, reviewed the 'Robin Hood Energy' case study. Finally, Anne Ford from Drumlin Wind Energy Cooperative presented the work that this cooperative is currently doing.

Please feel free to donwload the Power Point presentations from the speakers of the event.