What is the energy awareness in the workplaces?

The SECURE partners from Canada have leaded a survey to find out more about staffs' energy awareness.

One of the questions of the survey.

SECURE partner Ecology Action Centre guided the surveys.

Some of the staffs from different departments of the organisations involved in the SECURE project have completed a survey about energy awareness. The SECURE partner Ecology Action Centre (Canada) have guided this survey and have now shared the results. According to EAC, 119 people participated responding SECURE's questions. The objective of this initiative was to find out more about the habits of these staffs regarding energy efficiency measures in their working spaces.

Some of the general results are the following ones.

Asking if they try their best to safe energy in their workplaces, 102 people answered that they make an effort. They also highlighted that trying to save energy "is not a waste of time". Furthermore, they were asked what kind of activities do they follow to save energy while they are at work. The most popular answers were the followings:

  • Turning off lights when they are not needed. 74 people responded that they usually do it. However, only 65 said that they usually turn off office equipment or leaving it in "energy saving mode" when they are not in use.
  • 70 people usually turn off lights and equipment in rooms or facilities that are used infrequently. Moreover, 80 answered that they are very likely to turn lights and equipment off at weekends and after hours. 
  • 85 people said that their department or other departments in their working buildings were given the opportunity to discuss energy saving solutions, and set departmental goals for energy saving.
  • 108 people confirmed that if they got straightforward information on specific energy saving actions that they could take in their workplaces, that would make a difference.