'HINKU' Best Practice in Finland

Do you know Finland's HINKU project? It brings municipalities, businesses and citizens together to create solutions that reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Every municipality that participates in this project is committed to an 80 % emission reduction target below 2007 levels by 2030. HINKU collates best practises about climate friendly solutions and shares the information to all who are interested.

Collating is done in the HINKU municipalities, other municipalities and even outside Finland. Information is shared through so-called HINKU forum and map. HINKU map is where anyone can mark their own climate friendly solution (best practice) to show it for everyone else. For example, if you have solar panels in your home, you can add it to the HINKU map and share the experiences with others. It can be any application or service that is climate friendly and usually there are technical specifications along with investment costs and experiences mentioned.

Please, see the diagram to learn more about how the HINKU project works.

For further details visit the Finnish Environment Institute.