Reduction in energy consumption by 10,000 kWh/year through SECURE!

Our partners from Västernorrland present their latest results on energy efficiency and renewables at Vallänge elderly care home.

Vallänge elderly care home.

Our project partners from the Association of Local Authorities in Västernorrland (Sweden) have presented the latest local achievements on energy efficiency and renewable energy thanks to the measures adopted through the SECURE project.

Swedish partners have recently reported the great job done by Solatum Hus&Hem company, responsible for the maintenance of Vallänge elderly care home. The building is about 1300 m2 heated area, built in 1958 and renovated in 1994, and Sollefteå municipality is responsible for the daily activities at Vallänge.


Heating measures

According to our project partner from ALAV Jennie Olofsson, and Energy Agency in Västernorrland Annacarin Ericsson, it has been an investment of 1.1 MSEK on the heat pump plant. "Previously there was a 110 kW electric boiler and an oil boiler there". In recent years, energy consumption for heating has been about 210,000 kWh electricity and about 1 m3 of oil per year. "Now the electric boiler has been replaced with a 48 kW heat pump, with an estimated annual consumption of 60,000 kWh electricity", they explain on behalf of Solatum Hus&Hem company.

Furthermore, in total, 6 drill holes have been drilled to 280 m depth. The drill holes could also be used to extract comfort cool summertime, if desired, from the elderly home. Since a 110 kW electric boiler is replaced with a 48 kW heat pump, there is a risk that the oil boiler will need to go one more often than before. However, to reduce the need for this, they have extra-insulated wind at about half the building. Magnus Nordenmark, Energy Manager at Solatum Hus&Hem, explains that this implementation has cost about 130,000 SEK (€13,000) and is expected to reduce energy consumption by 10,000 kWh / year, of which a large part of oil. 

Regarding the next steps to follow, they are planning to replace the ventilation unit with another one with better heat recovery. This measure will especially reduce the heat demand in cold weather. The cost of this improvement is estimated at 400,000 SEK (€40,000), and the energy savings are approximately 30,000 kWh / year. "With these measures, the oil demand should be reduced to near zero except at very very low outdoor temperatures", they add.

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