SECURE has attended NPA's Annual Conference 2018

Northern Periphery and Arctic Programme has organised the annual lead partner seminar and conference in Scotland.

Talking about SECURE during Arctic Cluster project's presentation.

Attendees could learn more about both projects during the Annual Conference.

Lead partners were divided in different groups during the seminar.

Real-life reflections, results, ideas and policies during the conference.

The NPA Annual Conference 2018 has taken place on the 20th of September at Eden Court in the city of Inverness. This year's theme has been 'People of the North - Across the Generations' to disseminate some real-life reflections from the programme regions: results, ideas and policies that lead to a fair and sustainable future.

Furthermore, during the event some of the NPA projects had the opportunity to explain how they impact the everyday lives of the people and generations living in the area and how they support the diverse development of economies, businesses and innovation. Among others, SECURE lead partner presented Arctic Cluster, a new interregional project that involves three projects (SECURE, EEBAK and GrAB) and 15 partner regions from Europe, Canada and Russian Federation. All the participating regions are addressing similar themes and territorial challenges on energy efficiency and renewable solutions for buildings.

According to NPA, "in 2018, Scotland celebrates the 'Year of Young People', with the aim of valuing their contribution to the community". In that way, the conference has been oriented to this topic allowing different attendees to share their insights, visions and ideas on how to develop sustainable communities in the NPA regions.


Lead partner seminar

NPA's Annual Conference has been organised as a back-to-back event with a Lead Partner seminar for approved NPA projects from 3rd, 4th and 5th calls on the 19th of September. 

Attendees were divided into two groups. Lead partners from the 5th Call had a special session to learn more about the Programme Manual, project communications, publicity requirements and financial and activity reporting among others, whereas partners from the 3rd Call (in which SECURE is included) could attend a special session about project closure responsibilities. They could hear about the final report and how to report results and outputs. Furthermore, lead partners could meet their Desk officer and Financial Controller to discuss any issues and topics concerning their interregional project.